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Handle wafer butterfly valve

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Product model: D71X
Nominal diameter: Dn40 ~ 200mm
Nominal pressure: PN 1.0 ~ 1.6Mpa
Applicable media: water, gas, oil. etc.
Applicable temperature: - 15 ~ + 150
Valve body: gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel or aluminum bronze, etc
Valve plate: ductile iron, aluminum bronze, stainless steel, etc
Rotating shaft: stainless steel, carbon steel, etc
Valve seat: natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene, NBR, wear-resistant rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc
1 small and light, easy to disassemble and repair, and can be installed at any position.
2. The structure is simple and compact, and the 90 degree rotary opening and closing are fast.
3. Small operation torque, light and labor-saving.
4. The flow characteristics tend to be straight and the regulation performance is good.
5 as many as tens of thousands of opening and closing tests, long service life.
6 to achieve complete sealing, gas test leakage is zero.
7 choose different parts and materials, which can be applied to a variety of media.
The butterfly valve is suitable for the system management of petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, papermaking, water and electricity, water supply and drainage, smelting, energy, etc. it can be used as regulating and intercepting equipment on a variety of corrosive and non corrosive gas, liquid, semi fluid and solid powder pipelines and containers. It is widely used in the fire protection system of high-rise buildings and other pipeline systems that need to display the valve switch status.
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